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Story Link: Banshee: The Wailing Woman


  1. Hi Cheyenne! I really like how you did both a normal introduction to your storybook with providing background information and how you did a fictional introduction from the perspective of the banshee herself. I am really interested to follow along with your storybook for the remainder of the semester, as I'm not very familiar with the banshee and the whole situation that surrounds her. Because I had no prior knowledge of her or any background, I really appreciated the details you went into in your intro. It helped me to have just a small piece of knowledge to help me get an understanding and to also get me super intrigued about the rest of your storybook as it comes out in the coming weeks! Writing all the stories from her perspective will be a really interesting new take that I;m excited to see what you do with. Good luck!

    1. Hi Cheyanne!
      This week's focus is on utilization of paragraphs, and I think your story and intricustion do that very well. For me, it's so hard to sit there and read one giant block of writing – I just can't do it, especially for stories in this class hahah. When I opened up your stories, I was relieved to see the story broken up into bite sized paragraphs – that's honestly the biggest factor for me when I look through story books every week to read. Besides your short paragraphs just being my preference that I look for in readings, you utilize them very well to break up the story yet make it still be one cohesive story that flows – it doesn't seem choppy. Overall, for your storybook, I think your topic is very interesting and your stories were very well written. I also like how you used photos to break up the writing – it really adds to the effect of your storyook!

  2. Hi Cheyenne,
    I thought the setup of your introduction was really nicely done. Giving information about your topic and being informative on the left side in order to fill in the audience that is reading your work. I think some people only know the "Screaming Banshee" idea and aren't aware that banshees are a female fairy in Celtic tradition. That they are somewhat siren like, I wouldn't have known! I also love how you included a peak into your storybook by giving a fictional intro of your character Laoise. I think it is so cute how you were able to connect the story to how people perceive banshees and how she became the way she is now. I also love that you gave her a sympathetic tone, she doesn't have control over what happens. This is a really interesting concept and I'm interested to see more!

  3. Hi Cheyenne,
    I really enjoyed reading the introduction of your storybook. I thought that it was really nice how you included both the informational and fictional introductions into your storybook. The background intro really helps the reader to understand exactly what the banshee is and what the banshee is known to do. The little note about merrows at the end of your background intro also helps to let people know exactly how they might tie in when they show up in the stories. The fictional intro is also helpful as it gives background information to the actual character that will appear in the stories. Another thing in your introduction that I thought tied in very well was you banner picture. When I read your title, the picture in your banner is very similar to what I was imagining so I think that the picture was very fitting for your story.

  4. Hi Cheyanne!
    This was such an insightful introduction, I'm actually so glad you added in a background info portion. You made me want to keep reading more by just reading your fictional intro portion. I think it's easy for us to brush off fairytales or stories but it's definitely interesting to tell a story from the characters insight just so they can be better understood. I would love to know if a particular person is going to be the conflict the banshee has to experience to come to this realization or what the conflict might be! I think a little insight of a personal experience or a turning point of why she wants to be understood would be nice to kind of know! I also realize it's just the intro and I think it's also nice to have that built up longing for wanting to read more a reason to not include it too! I think this storybook is going to be great and I can't wait to read more about this banshee!!

  5. Hey Cheyenne,
    I like your introduction a lot. Thank you for giving two different backgrounds; that's a unique idea that gives an extra level of understanding for the reader of what the creatures are in the story. This is such a cool storybook idea, explaining from a banshee perspective on how she came to be a banshee. For your last sentence of the first paragraph of story #1, I would suggest keeping it to past-tense to match the paragraph and combining the two sentences with a comma before the 'or' and a question mark at the end :) I really really like your last paragraph of story #1!! I was reading it wide-eyed. It honestly felt as if I were there experiencing it. One line I really liked was how you included the weeping song she'd heard was a warning of death - her death. Great work, Cheyenne! I look forward to reading more.


  6. Hi Cheyenne,
    I am not at all familiar with the mythological being Banshee. With that being said it is really helpful that in your introduction you make it easy to determine exactly what it is. Additionally, your introduction is a good segue into your first story as well because it allows for your audience to take that newly acquired knowledge and apply it right away. You did well at writing your story and I like how you created the plot, setting, as well as completely new characters to your story. I also enjoy how well-made your story page is. You have several graphics along with text and it makes the page look nice! I would not have thought to look up my of my stories on Wikipedia, but I think that’s a great idea so you can get different insights on the dynamics of the story. I look forward to reading more of your work!

  7. Hi Cheyenne,
    I read your introduction and I loved it. The topic of banshee is familiar to me because of video games and also reading horror stories online. I like that you separated the background of what is a banshee and your story intro which is through the first person point of view of a banshee. I think it's cool that you changed the story of the banshee that instead of the wailing bringing bad omens, the wailing of a banshee would mean that it is a warning of the omen. I like the header picture, it is very ethereal and gave a fairy tale feel to it. It is cool that your background introduction included that the banshee could be a female fairy or a spirit of a woman. Is Laoise a spirit or a fairy? I assume that you would answer this in your story. I look forward in reading them in the near future.

  8. Cheyenne,

    I really enjoyed reading your storybook so far! I love the concept of taking a character that many people view as scary and evil and allowing them to share their side of the story. It reminds me of the stories where villains share their side of the story. I like the pictures that you had incorporated throughout your storybook, and I thought they fit the story very well. Was it the priest that ended up killing the girl? Do all people who get killed after hearing the voice of a banshee then turn into one? Can anyone else hear the banshee's voice before someone got killed? The only tiny suggestion I had, which is seriously not major at all, is to indicate in your fictional intro that the main character is now talking. I also like how you bolded some words for emphasis in your story. Are you going to continue talking about her life now as a banshee? What other stories will come from this? I'm very curious, and I can't wait to see what's to come. Good job.

  9. Hi Cheyenne!

    I just got back from reading your introduction and first story in your project!

    For your introduction, I really appreciate that you did both a background and a fictional version. I found the background to be very helpful because while I've definitely heard of banshees before, I didn't know any specifics. The fictional introduction is great too, however I'm a bit confused on the ironic connection between light and the wailing woman? Maybe you could elaborate on that a bit more in the sentence after.

    As for your first story, I love the way you incorporate exposition in the form of calling back on information as the main character just going about her day. I am slightly confused about one part though: why is it when she walks in the opposite direction of the voice it gets louder? That bit just kinda threw me off and I didn't know if it was intentional or not so I thought I would point it out.

    That ending, WOW! I think using this first story as one of origins is a great choice and really works out in your favor. Overall, great story!

  10. Howdy Cheyenne,
    I really enjoyed reading your intro and first story. It was really cool how you split the intro into a real and fictional one. I think it works really well to both let the reader know what they're in for with the background intro and then get them ready for the first story with the fictional one. I also really like your use of formatting. It's very simple, but the extra effort just makes the story that little bit more aesthetically appealing. I think the use of first person also serves your story very well. It keeps the reader a bit freaked out and a bit (but not too) confused just like our narrator, Laoise (how do you pronounce that?). I can't wait to see where this tale goes (I hope Laoise gets un-banshee-ed, it doesn't sound very fun).

  11. Hello Cheyenne,
    Your intro and first story was fun to read, I really enjoyed them. I like the idea of giving the Banshee a background story. I have always read about them in such a negative light. By giving your characters more background, it gives a more personal feeling. I feel bad for the young lady in the story but learning how she becomes a Banshee is neat. The fear she had when the voice was calling for her and then her running into her murderer was so intense. She was able to see her injuries in her reflection, that sounds so traumatizing. In your author's note, you explain how you combined parts of the Banshee's appearance. I think that is a great idea. You added your own plot and setting, both very creative. I am excited to read the rest of your stories!

  12. Hi Cheyenne,
    Your story is interesting. I do not know much about banshees. I have heard that they are usually attached to a specific family, will you be keeping that in your story? It would be very sad, if she had to warn her own family of their deaths. I do have a question; how does she know she is a banshee? According to your author’s note, banshees are not seen, only heard. Surely there must be exceptions to this, or there would not be descriptions of what a banshee looks like. Are people going to see her in your later stories? Secondly, you said that banshees are believed to be created when someone dies young, is there a specific way they have to die? Laoise was murdered, is that why she comes back as a banshee? I have heard contradictory information about whether banshees are benevolent or malevolent, do you have an opinion on this? Laoise certainly seems sympathetic now, but I know it is possible that she could be a villain protagonist.


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